Run 1850 | 6th June 2018 | Prince/Rock Star@The Grandview Hotel, Fairfield

HARES:              Prince & co-opted assistant Rock Star

VENUE: Grandview Hotel, Fairfield.

RETURNEES: Rock Star, Jackoff, Stray Pussy, Codpiece, Old Boar.

Some nights, it’s just good to be running hash. The Grandview is a great old pub with a good pub menu, but the barman was something else again.  He would not say ‘Kokup’ and even after much coaching and lots of ‘hee’, ‘hee’, ‘heeing’, from him, the best we could get was Kookoop or something that sounded like a pigeon cooing.  But the best was yet to come when we asked him to call for ‘Stray Pussy’ when he delivered her meal.  He could not contain himself and ‘hee’, ‘hee’, ‘hee’d’ shaking convulsively across the room.  So apart from the fun we have ourselves, we obviously also bring joy to others.

It was a perfect night for hashing with a clear sky and not too cold an evening. The trail took advantage of the local scenery and it was the perfect run for the last regular run of the year.  An added bonus was that Lehmo and Sam Pang were performing downstairs after the run and Prince arranged half price tickets for hashers who wanted to see them.

WALK REPORT:  By Stray Pussy                                        Scored 350/400

It was a lovely walk, but we (Jackoff & Stray Pussy) had a false start, not having been to the venue before and thinking we were late. On arriving we found the first on back and then saw a pack of runners and they were off that way and we were going this way and then we saw some trail, but the runners had disappeared, but why had they not come back from the On Back?  Then we found the first Check and they had not marked it.  Where could the Runners have gone?  And then they re-appeared and we called “On On” to some strange looks. “Are you from the Hash?” And they said “No, we’re from the gym.”  So we started walking back and then the real hashers turned up.  It was a beautiful walk around the Yarra and through the various gardens to the drink stop.  After the drink stop we could not find trail, so just kept on walking until we came across the runners on trail at a rail crossing and walked on home with the runners.


RUN REPORT: By Swingers                                                 Scored 390/400

It was actually an interesting trail. It had a number of Checks and a lot of On Backs, which I know because I found every one of them, but it kept the pack together – walkers included. Not sure where the run went, but there were some gardens and it went down near the Yarra and we ended up at a lovely drink stop in High Street, Northcote with views over the city skyline.  Thanks to Cut loose who brought everyone’s jackets to the D/S.  After the D/S, the hare said it was all downhill – well it was except for the first bit which was another on back.  It was actually a very good Run.

In fact, Swingers was so impressed with the loooong on back over the Yarra pipe bridge, he sent an email around later to remind everyone.


RETURNEES – Rock Star, Jackoff, Stray Pussy, Codpiece, Old Boar.

HARES – Prince & Rock Star.


Lubang Oz – 400 magnificent runs and a good run to celebrate it.

NickelB – 699 and 700 due at the AGPU.


Palindromic Runs – Cut Loose on 262.

  • Lotsafun – Not quite 400. Happy Birthday.
  • Lubang Oz – Checked the book for last week’s number of runs.
  • Point Post – NZ representative because Cut Loose is on two sux two Runs tonight.


  • Swingers – Not knowing the names of all the returnees.
  • Rock Star – Reading a book while on the run.
  • Astro – Fail in subtlety, by embarrassing everyone and shouting at the table – it’s Jackoff, not Backbeard!
  • Cyclone Tracy – Sitting down in the circle.
  • Astro – Ran 40 years ago with Rock Star’s dad, Uncle Cuddles.
  • Rock Star – Generational charge.
  • NickelB – Twice Rock Star’s age and still beat her back Home, bravo, NickelB
  • Point Post and Swingers – Still wearing shorts in the circle in winter.
  • Cut Loose – Sure that Jack Off was Backbeard (must be the hair styles).
  • Kokup – Last Run as Grand Master, one for the road

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