Run 1849 | 30th May 2018 | Swingers@Duke of Wellington, Melbourne

HARE:   Swingers

VENUE: Duke of Wellington Hotel, Melbourne.

VISITORS: Fat Gandhi, Jon.

RETURNEES: Boner, Cooch.

WALK REPORT:  By Udder Idjit                                         Scored 1/399

It was a nice walk if you like that sort of thing. We set off down Flinders Street and ended up in Spring Street, shortly arriving at the Windsor Hotel. Here some of us were tempted to stay while the rest of us continued along through a little park at Albert Street. Then we walked through the streets of the city. On to the Carlton Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens. The rain had washed away some of the arrows but Peanuts was very good at reading the map so we actually followed trail and did 5.3 km.

RUN REPORT: By Cooch                                                     Scored 325/399

If you looked at the weather map, you would have realised that rain was forecast, which would suggest using flour instead of chalk, which made it a little difficult finding trail. We took off in a NE direction toward Parliament House and it was obvious that trail had to go through Carlton and/or Fitzroy Gardens. Those that second guessed Fitzroy Gardens were wrong and it went through Carlton Gardens.  There were hashers running around everywhere looking for trail and when asked if they were On, all you got was a mumble and for that Prince and Boner will get a charge.  Trail then went behind St. Vincent’s Hospital where Cooch and Pseudo ended up in a dark corner and Pseudo confessed she had a sore groin and also gets a charge for a good come on line.  Ever the gentleman, Cooch did not rub it better.  Then we did go through Fitzroy Gardens, past the MCG, into Birrarung Marr, the back of Federation Square and back home.


VISITORS & RETURNEES – Fat Gandhi, Jon, Boner, Cooch.

HARE – Swingers and his cohorts, Prince, Point Post as the Boner lookalike and Pseudo.


Lubang Oz – 399 runs with the big 400 next week at Run 1850.

NickelB – 698 runs and 700 due at the AGPU.


Palindromic Runs – Boner on 202. (Taken by lookalike Point Post).

  • Cyclone Tracy – Looking for the corner of Spencer Street and Russell Street. Good luck!
  • Cyclone Tracy – Even with insider information, she left two umbrellas locked in her car at Docklands.
  • Swingers – Not knowing about the Wednesday’s steak and wine special offered by the pub.
  • Astro – Showing leadership potential before the run. Where were you 3 weeks ago when the GM was looking for a new GM.  It’s too late now.
  • Cooch, Klingon and Fat Gandhi – Interhash Returnees
  • Astro – RA did not do his job and is responsible for rain on the run. 1 out of 40 is not good enough.
  • Udder – Ran the walk on his 600th. Did not run on his 601st.  Must have reached his quota and given up.
  • Cooch – Spitting the dummy in Fiji and blamed it on the tropical weather.
  • Astro, Gargoyle, Lotsafun, NickelB, Point Post, Prince, Punch and Swingers – Committee members who have not yet voted for annual awards and will get detention after the run to sort it out.


  • 4 Pack – Departing for Russia, but is it a one way ticket?
  • Pseudo – No longer in the running to become GM.
  • Gargoyle, Cyclone Tracy, Swingers for GM – Gargoyle is out, Cyclone is on evens and Swingers is now on 2 to 1 odds as the next GM.
  • Udder Idjit – Neglecting Gargoyle and a smitten bloke picked her up at The Cricketer’s Arms Bar.
  • Prince – Claimed that Quick Lay and Swingers were in Fiji, but Swingers is here and had been to Malaysia.
  • Udder, Kokup and Cooch – Pseudo is the only official dummy spitter present tonight and proved it.
  • Cooch – Mega whinge on trail, hotel. but perked up back at the
  • Udder Idjit – No way he walked 5.3 km.
  • Udder Idjit – At his 600th run claimed he had run 6,900 km or London to Moscow.  It’s only 2,500 km.
  • Jon – Stealing NickelB’s punchline.
  • 4 Pack – Learned another song in the circle.
  • Lubang Oz & Lube Oil – Low profile.

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