Run 1848 | 23rd May 2018 | Point Post@Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn


HARE:   Point Post

VENUE: Pointy’s Place, Hawthorn.

RETURNEES: Lost Sausage.

WALK REPORT:  By Peanuts                                              Scored 590/600

It was a very good, nice short walk and we’ve done most of it before through the leafy suburb of Hawthorn. Trail was very well marked (emphasised) with very neat little arrows and easy to follow. We only did 4 km and we stuck to the route. It was an enjoyable walk and nobody accosted or annoyed us.

RUN REPORT: By Lotsafun                                                  Scored 560/600

We came out turned left(?), then down toward the river, turned right and ran into Fairview Park. We saw beautiful houses and came out up the stairs to a check at the end of Power Street.  NickelB said to cross Riversdale Road, because he had seen the trail when he went out to buy a newspaper, so we crossed and ran past Erasmus School.  Then we ran around the backstreets of Hawthorn, in and out around Urquhart Street and eventually to Auburn Road, saw Cheesecake, ran past our favourite Riversdale Hotel and then we came back through more suburbans streets to home.  It was an enjoyable run, particularly because it was only about 6km.  The runners were accosted on the Run several times and by a guy with 3 poodles who tried to attack Lotsafun. The hare was also accosted many times while setting the run.  What was he doing? What was that thing he was holding?  Was that white powder anthrax in the shape of an arrow?  Somehow Pointy managed to satisfy them he wasn’t a terrorist and finish setting the run.


RETURNEES – Lost Sausage.

HARE – Point Post.


Udder Idjit – 600 runs at last! His first Run was on 10 August 1994, so he’s probably done much more.  Actually, Udder reckons he has run 6,556km or the equivalent of running from London to Moscow.  And he was Grand Master, 1998-1999.  Haberdash presented him with a temporary 600 run tee shirt.

Udder ‘s 600 (authored by Cheesecake)


Palindromic Runs – Pseudo on 11.

  • Peanuts, Lost Sausage, Pseudo – competitors for the small Ladies, Point Post 1000 Runs, T shirt. Q. How many Runs has Udder Idjit done? A. 600.  Pseudo won with the marginally fastest reply.
  • Lotsafun – claimed local knowledge at the Check at the end of Through Street: “The trail must be down that secret lane on the left.” But it was to the right.
  • Point Post – Must be a terrorist. Has a nicely polished, bright and shiny shell case – but no fuse.
  • Point Post – He’s an Englishman, a New Zealander and tonight a true blue Aussie, with that cold induced nasal twang.
  • Pseudo – Congratulated Astro before the run for achieving 600 Runs tonight.                                                   s
  • Udder – For looking like Astro, even if it is only the grey hair.
  • NickelB – Another lookalike, but for what??
  • Lost Sausage – Silly enough? Brave enough to come back to us, but we’re happy she’s back.
  • Prince – Normally runs through On Backs but there were none on tonight’s trail, so he ran past home and just kept going – until he found the walkers trail back.
  • Punch – Rebound.
  • Lethal – Low profile.

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