Run 1846 | 16th May 2018 | 2 Bottoms@Leinster Arms, Collingwood


HARE:   2 Bottoms

VENUE: Leinster Arms Hotel, Collingwood.

RETURNEES: Rockstar, Cyclone Tracy.

WALK REPORT:  By Lubang Oz                                                         Scored 70/73

The walk was good except there weren’t any arrows. We started off with 6 walkers, no it was 5 and ended up with 3, because Shu Shu became a Runner and GG disappeared. Anyway, we enjoyed the walk even though we had to do checks because we re-joined trail ahead of the runners.  We broke 2 out of 3 and gave up on the third and came home.

RUN REPORT: By Point Post                                                             Scored 69/73

Well we got off to a prompt start because we didn’t have to be shown what arrows looked like (no visitors). The slow Runners got held up with traffic lights, but we caught up with the rest of the pack at the long On Back which turned out to be a short On Back.  It must have been fairly long because they were still looking 5 minutes after we crossed the road.  We managed to follow trail all the way and it was territory we’ve run before, through the Parks and along the Creek.  We re-joined the walkers trail and the fast Runners must have left us behind at that stage, but we kept on and did all the trail to Home.


RETURNEES – Rockstar, Cyclone Tracy.

HARES – 2 Bottoms.

GOING, GOING …….. : No Balls – After 73 magnificent runs with Lakeside, and at the huge personal expense of not being the next GM, No Balls is moving to Adelaide for the purpose of furthering her career. On On No Balls.


Palindromic Runs – Prince sux 4 sux, NickelB sux 9 sux, Lotsafun sux 8 sux, Kokup 3 sux 3.

  • No Balls – Telling how date rape drugs are surreptitiously put into drinks in Adelaide.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Giving No Balls anti-drug advice.
  • Point Post – Bullshitting about doing the whole run, short cutting and had the map, but not reading it.
  • Prince – Charged last week with running too far. Tonight he didn’t run far enough.
  • Kokup – Referred to some unknown person called Jarrod.
  • Klingon – Tripping over the English language while charging hashers.
  • Swingers – Doing a good job as Checking Chicken.
  • Kokup – Denies menage a trois with 3 sux 3.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Dummy spit.
  • Lubang Oz – Kept ribbing 2 Bottoms over lack of arrows.
  • Klingon – Big whinge about not being given a map.
  • Shu Shu – Mobile phone in the Circle.
  • Prince & No Balls – Reluctant to sign the book.
  • 2 Bottoms – Some Checks were too, too long and around corners.
  • Point Post – Threatening to spit in Punch’s beer while she was indisposed.
  • 4 Pack – Low profile.

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