Run 1845 | 9th May 2018 | Codpiece/Old Boar@Sturt Reserve, Sturt St, South Melbourne

HARE:   Codpiece & Old Boar

VENUE: Sturt Reserve, Cnr. Kings Way & Sturt Streets, South Melbourne.

VISITOR: Queenie, Dr Pecker, Nina.

RETURNEE: Mothball.

WALK REPORT:  By Mothball                                                           Scored 590/599

The walk was very good and very well marked through the streets of Southbank and the Botanic Gardens, until we got to the Swan Street Bridge. There was a small lapse in the trail marking, but the written instructions helped. We were looking for chalk when along came Peanuts.  She just read the instructions and we were on trail again – licketty split. Trail then went over the bridge and back along the Yarra. I had the visitors with me and I was guiding them with a bit of Melbourne’s history, some bullshit and pointing out landmarks.

RUN REPORT: By Pseudo                                                                  Scored 600/599

First of all, if I’d realised we were going to be running to Sydney, I would have limbered up a bit more. The run was quite long, very spectacular and I liked the cultural precincts. I would have liked to have gone to the Myer Music Bowl as I always wanted to be on stage, but missed my opportunity.  I was ribbed when I couldn’t find trail past the MCG because I was trying to find a bronze statue of my friend Cuzzy and I was disappointed he wasn’t there.  Anyway, I missed the second opportunity to go on stage when we kept going past the recital hall.  It was good to mingle with other Runners on The Tan.  There were long on backs, but they were good and pulled the pack together.  It was very pretty and you showed me things that I never thought I would see and I really enjoyed it.


VISITORS – Queenie, Dr Pecker, Nina.

RETURNEE – Mothball.

HARES – Codpiece, Old Boar.


Jarrod was named 4 Pack after much deliberation.


  • Palindromic & Special Runs – Whippet 303, Klingon 929, Quick Lay 69, GG 1177.
  • Psuedo – Was able to shut Cut Loose up so quickly.
  • Prince – Spent the same amount of time running as he did getting lost, running past trail.
  • Udder Idjit – Called Klingon Point Post deliberately because he was thirsty and needed a drink.
  • NickelB – Did not fall over this evening.
  • Lubang Oz – Superseded NickelB by falling over.
  • Prince – Rebound after trying to charge the nurses amongst us.
  • Cod Piece – Somehow a blinking liar and cheat by setting a city Run without the laneways, using or not using maps prepared by E&B years ago and with a long, long, long On Back up a hill (to the top of Anderson Street).
  • Pseudo – Runs too fiercely and should have a speed limit applied so the rest of the pack can keep up.
  • Swingers – Keeping up with Pseudo.
  • Game On – A special occasion because today was his first ever Run with the Pack.
  • E&B – Longest charge ever.
  • Queenie, Dr Pepper, Whippet, E&B and Klingon – They are all going to Interhash in Fiji.

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