Run 1852 | 20th June 2018 | Kokup/Punch@Naughton’s Parkville Hotel, Royal Parade, Parkville

Run No 1852 Naughton’s Hotel Parkville: Kokup’s Revenge Run

Hares: Kokup and Punch

Kokup’s chilled now his GM-ship is over. Just cause he’s abdicated doesn’t mean he’s dropped standards.  He’s ensured Lakesiders drink from environmentally sound and sustainably sourced bamboo straws.

2018-06-20 Picture12018-06-20 Picture2

GM Astro’s first Circle and he’s off to a good start – seen here wearing Cut Loose’s glasses and with Peanuts’ phone in hand.

2018-06-20 Picture32018-06-20 Picture4

Hashers came from Far and Near to drink our beer

2018-06-20 Picture52018-06-20 Picture72018-06-20 Picture82018-06-20 Picture9

Why is Pointy Pointing?

2018-06-20 Picture10

Pseudo’s overwhelmed meeting her idol

2018-06-20 Picture11

Finally, a Lakesider in the right gear. You’re a Rock Star!!  Note she’s rehearsing Kokup’s rule: 1, 2, 3 checks then go back.  Pseudo went to the wrong hotel(s) and all overcome with fear she’d miss the “Run of the Year” (??) she fortified herself with a few tipples before staggering into Naughton’s.  Rock Star warned new crop circles appearing in Royal Park were simply Pseudo’s happy feet running in ever diminishing circles until she disappeared up her own “Khyber Pass”…..

2018-06-20 Picture12

Old Boar can’t keep his eyes off his beautiful 100 Run Mug. It took him 10 years but he’s done 100 Runs and tonight he excelled himself by leading the Pack back to the Pub.

2018-06-20 Picture13

Whippet’s 300 Run Polo is ignored while he’s mesmerised by that finger. GM Astro said his reign would be autocratic and dogmatic but new Sergeant Whippet didn’t realise he’d be hypnotised “no talking in the Circle, no talking in the Circle”.

2018-06-20 Picture14

Visitors Dumbo and Tubby are stunned by E&B’s acknowledgement and welcome to Lakeside Country. E&B later suggests Lakeside needs a horn on the Run.  Maybe so as Kokup agrees with Rock Star that E&B just hit a G Flat not a B Sharp.  Punch will never be able to chat in the Circle again as Whippet wasn’t the only one hypnotised.

2018-06-20 Picture152018-06-20 Picture16

Is Peanuts trying to get the GM drunk so she can wrench her phone back from his tenacious grasp?
As the former Hash Flash, Lotsa’s not used to being photographed. Open your eyes and smile at the Camera! According to the GM this is the first time Lotsa will be charged for talking in the Circle.  He’s guaranteeing she’ll be charged another 51 times.

2018-06-20 Picture17

Codpiece describes the length of the Walk much to Peanuts amusement. Elite athlete Prince looks away in shock and horror. Codpiece reminds us Kokup is not a young man and spent all his energy on the Run so had none left for the walk.  Speaking of old farts, Astro is charged for forgetting to call up Swingers at the AGPU as a member of the new Committee.

2018-06-20 Picture18

It’s late in the evening now and Kokup is still relaxing. At least he’s found a drinking buddy in Swingers.  Well done Lotsa. She’s smiling with eyes open.  Next lesson is to look at the Camera.  Pointy only manages a grimace as he’s forgotten his tracky dacks.

2018-06-20 Picture192018-06-20 Picture20

And here’s the RA (BCD) ((Religious Advisor Boozey Circle Drinks)). Pretty chuffed he’s got the beer into the glass.  Needed this board to work out how to do it.

2018-06-20 Picture212018-06-20 Picture22

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