Run 1853 | 27th June 2018 | Astro/Cut Loose@North Fitzroy Arms Hotel, Rae Street, Fitzroy North

Run No 1853: Lakeside Hipsters do Fitzroy


Seen below is GM Astro setting the run in hipster Fitzroy:
2018-06-27 Picture012018-06-27 Picture02

Ow, mustn’t fib, this is really what he really looked like:
2018-06-27 Picture03

Lakeside Arrows out there and proud in Fitzroy…… no Rule no 1 at Lakeside (no rules but we have photos that are inexplicably reversed):
2018-06-27 Picture04<<<<<<<<<<<< LH3 Arrow

Nth Fitzroy Arms’ walls adorned with iconic footy memorabilia.  Prickly’s praying Deeper & Prince don’t join the Budgy Snuggler gang…
2018-06-27 Picture052018-06-27 Picture06

GG grimaces as he’s sandwiched between a reminder of Carlton’s glory days (note the photo’s black & white as it was a very, very, very long time ago) and a happy looking Fitzroy Lion (note no current photo available of a happy looking Brisbane Lion).
2018-06-27 Picture072018-06-27 Picture082018-06-27 Picture09

Was visitor Chicken Head named so at Mother Hash cause he bites the heads off chickens? Here’s photographic evidence of him surveying the crowd for his next victim. Pseudo makes a valiant attempt to save her head. Deeper likes Chicken Head’s style and limbers up his overbite.  It seems Pointy’s joined the cult as he’s caught here rubbing his tummy after a satisfying snack. But who was it?
2018-06-27 Picture102018-06-27 Picture11

Kling On describes the size of the Parma he’s about to eat. Visitor Tim is also caught rubbing his tummy a la Pointy.  Quick “head count” required…. who’s missing?? Chicken Head’s charisma is spreading.
2018-06-27 Picture12

Best thing about a quick, fast run is more time for beer.   Too many elite athletes at Lakeside (Whippet, Pseudo, Cooch, Kokup, Prince) made short work of the On Backs and Checks. GM charged for not welcoming back GG but was he glad to see him? Kokup charged for needing to Curb his language on the Run as he tripped over aforesaid Curb.
2018-06-27 Picture132018-06-27 Picture142018-06-27 Picture152018-06-27 Picture19

Sergeant Whippet and Jack-Off ask how’s it going at the back of the Dickhead Circle?
2018-06-27 Picture16

A miracle as Lakeside experiences a moment of Quiet Time
2018-06-27 Picture17

Quick Lay, so distressed his eyes are red from weeping, sobbed about being caught short on the Run. You find a little dark alley, but there’s always an annoying pervert yelling “Are you on?”…. He’s later renamed Slow Lay cause NickleB outpaced him.
2018-06-27 Picture18

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