Run 1926 Lethal from Carnegie.

Lakeside Hash run 1926  Gabriella Pizza, Carnegie.

Hare:-  Lethal.

Run report:– No rain. A bit of mayhem at start. (Was Prince standing on the arrow again?).

Very noisy train – squealing on its way to Hastings. Run and walk arrows were swapped round. So very direct run back home.  Nice scenery and very pretty laneway.

Scored 70/71.

Walk report:– Walking along under the skyrail almost lost the will to live as they headed towards Flinders Street. Google maps was a great help, so probably missed the arrows stuff up.     Scored 50/70.

Special runs:-  Cooch – 770, Punch – 399,  CodPiece – 270, Prickly – 212,  CutLoose – 313, Astro – 599.

Charges:- Udder was humiliated – took short cut, but still beaten by Nickleby.
Point Post – telling jokes.
Prince – said Kokup would not turn up.
Kokup – late.
Klingon – early.
Nickleby – joke..(an old one).
Lubang and Nickleby – lowering the tone.
CutLoose – Prude!
LotsaFun – “foot” poison…………
Horacio – Wet Patch.
Udder – has some connection to NSW Labour – money in Aldi bag.
CodPiece – Hash Flash t-shirt.

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