Run 1925 Udder – Ormond

Lakeside Hash run 1925  Ormond, On Top Bar .

Hare:-  Udder.

Visitors:- David from Scotland.

Returnees:- Prince, Lethal, Peanuts, Punch, PricklyBush and 3K9.

Was advertised as Cheesecakes run and she gave only one order to Udder – “Don’t rain!”

          So it was fine for the first hour and then pissed down.

Run report:- Rain, 3 brothels and a Subways (which smelled like a brothel).

 Scored 20/25.

Walk report:- ?.  Scored 23/25.

Special runs:-  3K9 – “200”

                   Point post:- 1120

                   GG:- 1221

                   4Pack:- 40

                   Udder :- 644

                   ChickenDicken :- 13

Charges:- Astro – Birthday

                 Klingon – showing his muscles.

                 Swingers – cant write.

                 Prince – Poet laureate

                   Cyclone – the girl with the pearl earing

                   Udder – BREXIT!!!

                    Pog – loudest voice

                   Gargoyle – ignoring On Back.

                   Prince – standing on arrows……(whats new?)

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