Run 1924 E&B

Lakeside Hash run 1924  Richmond.

Hare:-  E&B

Visitors:- Mother Trucker and Blood Sucker

Returnees:- Whippet and Gerbils.

Run report:- Rain, nice houses both big and small. Flowers, dogs, 3 pubs, brothel and river.

Very fast. Scored 1921/ 1924.

Walk report:- Blobs and arrows. Left and right. Up and down. Smelly. 1 skipping girl.

          3 breweries, 24 pubs and no Aldi. Scored 1918/ 1924.

Charges:- Astro – moving out of Albert Park

                4Pack – looking like a porn star.

                Cheesecake – getting accolades from Udder.

                Whippet and 4Pack – polluting the Yarra.

                 Swingers – voyeur.

Klingon announced footy tipping results.

          Getting 9 correct – Lipstick and Astro

          Getting 8 correct – Lipstick and AddOn.

          3rd place – Klingon

          2nd place – AddOn

          1st place – Astro…………….141 correct for year.

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