Run 1922| Shiny Dick @Tana Tan | Malvern


Lakeside Hash run 1922 Malvern East

Hare:-  Shiny Dick

Three trails were set. Runners,  walkers and old farts.

Run described as straight, straight, straight.   22 out of 22.

Walk described as double marked (thanks Klingon).  22 out of 22

Visitors:- Pink Fanny and Fawlty Bush.

Returnees:- Back Again, 4Pack , Kokup and Punch.

GM’s charges:- Special score for 3 trails set.
Astro – 595 runs.
4Pack – “Get a haircut”
E&B – Grilling the visitors on their sleeping arrangements.

Charges.:-   All the old farts for doing the full run!
Point Post:- Buying Astros house for Cyclone??
Gargoyle:- “Udder. Don’t take your pants off yet.”
Pink Fanny:-  Broke glasses.
Udder:- Hadn’t been charged yet.
Shiny Dick:- Multiple checks and multiple arrows and multiple checks.
Swingers:- Complaining about what Shiny Dick had set.

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