Run 1920|Chicken Dicken @Blue River Thai | Cantebury

Lakeside Hash run 1920 Canterbury

Hare:-  Chicken Dicken.

21 runners and about 7.2km

Run report (Swingers):- Quite nice. Lost in Canterbury Gardens. Along Anniversary trail.. Girls playing hockey at high school! Long drag along Mont Albert road. Interesting markings! Either good or non existing. And didn’t tell us about paper. Shiggy

Scored 19 out of 20.

Walk report (Old Boar):- Followed run. Same thing. Same confusion. Same girls playing hockey.  Cod Piece said “Follow me”, “Trust me”. Returned from railway line, past great mansions and the cosmetic surgeons house. Scored 18 out of 19.

Returnees:- Swamp Rat – away 2 years.
Lotsafun    –  away 2 months
Westy        –  away 2 weeks.

Special runs:-        Shiny Dick – 13.
Prince – 711.

Charges:-  GG Short cut which was longer, and flirting with 2 women.
CodPiece, Old Boar, Lubang and LubeOil – On phones.
Astro – Leading footy picking – getting 9/9.
CodPiece – stole E&Bs hat.
Drag On – surpassing Chicos run count – 307 runs.

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