Run 1919| CodPiece @home | 24 July 2019

Hares:-  Cod Piece and Old Boar.

A good turnout for a small venue – 23 runners.
Visitors:-  Goanna and Scrubber.
Run Report from Cooch:-  Long run, about 9km. Lots of construction sites and bridges. Long on home through complicated road works. Scored 1918 / 1919 because of food.
Walk Report from Peanuts:- Middle distance. Met Pointy on bridge half way round. Runners caught up at traffic lights which Prince ran through red. Scored 199 / 200.

Lube Oil received her Best Food Award from last year.

  • Codpiece and Old Boar served 3 course meal on china plates with linen napkins!
  • Swingers:-  GG is not on the internet!!……. he still found the run?
  • Kiwis won netball.
  • Swingers noted Kokup has a new woman.
  • Kokup for having the other woman.
  • Prince:-  the red light runner.
  • Hooray CO:- gave hat to derro under the bridge.
  • Back Again:- caught up with Udder……….again.
  • Kokup:-  Down the pub while the girls made dinner.
  • Cheesecake:- the clean up girl.
  • Punch:-  Brown nosing.


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