Run1918|NikelB @ The Riversdale |17 July 2019

Lakeside Hash run 1918  @Riversdale Hotel


Hares:-  Nickelb

Hare said it was 7k but ended up near 9km

Run Report from Swingers:- Clockwise, lots of checks and on backs. Through Rocket Park, Past my first house.  Scored 1900 / 1918.

Walk report from E&B:- Walked same way? Set during rain. Unsafe crossing of Burwood Road. Beautiful houses. Scored 298 / 300

Didn’t need torches as RA made moon rise.
Returnees – Lubang and Lubeoil.
No special runs.

  • BackAgain:- caught up with Udder.
  • Kiwis lost the cricket:- Prince and Old Boar.
  • Poms won cricket:-  Udder 2Bottoms and Point Post.
  • Nickelb:- No drink stop as we went past Kokups house
  • Kokup:- not carrying keys as we went past his house.
  • Klingon :- New GM of Full Moon Hash
  • Cheesecake and Back Again:-   Still here!
  • Klingon:- Feeding calamari to the dog.
  • Cheesecake:- Interupting a charge.
  • Kokup:- Parking in a 1 hour spot for a 2 hour meeting.


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