Run 1939 4th December E&B St. Andrews run from Richmond

Lakeside Hash run 1939  Richmond

Hare:-  E&B  Haggis and whiskey run.

A run into the usual area – Kew.

Visitors. Headbanger and her daughter and son in law from Canada.

Run report:- Astro – walked trail, over bridge into Kew, found ball on golf course, back            along goat track – score 38/39  Lost points for bagpipes.

Walk report:- CutLoose – Headbanger banged her head  – score 40/39

Returnees:- The Ons – Klingon, AddOn,  SpreadOn and Shushu.

Special runs:-  Udder – 626

Charges:- For all the Scots – Klingon, Addon, Gargoyle, E&B, Cyclone, Cooch etc.

                   Klingon – in riot in Hong Kong.

                   Kokup – ran out of beer previous week.

                   Bollywood followed GG – he took her to water fountain.

                   CutLoose  – not touching on MYKI.

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