Run 1940 11th November IGT2 from Hawthorn

Lakeside Hash run 1940 Hawthorn

Hare:-  Incredibly Gobby Tart II  and Point Post.

A fantastic run round Hawthorn. Arabic food.

Run report:- 4Pack – score 1940

Walk report:- Lotsafun – score 1920

Returnees:- Swingers and IGT2

Special runs:-  GG – 1234

                   Prince – 727

                   Lethal – 515

                   Point Post – 1133

Charges:-    Cod Piece and Old Boar are leaving.

                   2 Bottoms – is he an Arab – Lawrence?

                   E&B – set a world record for emails about Xmas party.

                   LubeOil – won’t wear Lubang 80th t-shirt in public.

                   Point Post and Chicken Dicken – non lakeside arrows.

                   Astro  – eating frankincense.

                   Udder – causing mayhem.

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