Run 1927 18th September Kokup from Malvern Vale Hotel

Lakeside Hash run 1927  Malvern Vale Hotel.

Hares:-  Kokup  set run and Punch set walk.

A run round  the streets and over the railway and freeway.

About 30  runners.  Drink stop in Sir Robert Menzies reserve.

Had circle outside in cold carpark. CodPiece  can’t talk as teeth chattering.

Run report:- Jackoff:- most part quite good but more on backs than a QuickLay run.

          Pog broke all the checks. Sick of freeway. Score half of 1927= 964 .

Walk report:- OldBoar – Da Vinci Code type markings! score 1918.

Returnees:- JackOff, Westy, Batman, StrayPussy, Rigby, CodPiece, OldBoar, Pythagerarse.

Very Special runs:-  Punch – 400

                                Astro – 600

Special runs:-  PointPost – 1122

                     Udder Idiot – 646

                     LotsaFun – 727

                     CheeseCake – 686

Birthdays:-   Pog 60

                   E&B 61

Charges:- Lubang and Pog – running red lights.

                   Cyclone – insurance scam – bent car.

                   Swingers – finally has mail system working – after 2 years.

                   ShinyDick – what’s the GM’s name?

                   E&B – feeling like the ‘Poseidon Adventure’ or ‘A town Like Alice’

                                                leading a group lost on run.

                   Prince and Pog – all over the place – Prince was on walking trail.

                   Punch – strange plonker arrows.

                   Kokup – supplying the plomker.

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