Run 1941 14th December Xmas run Dromana

Lakeside Hash run 1941 Dromana Tennis club, Christmas run.

Hares:-  Morals and Udder.

A run described as flat, between the sea and the hills.

But we went up all the nearby hills and then to the drink stop by the sea.

Run report:- Deeper – I did a short cut and missed the hills – score 1071/1941

Walk report:- IGT2 – score 19/1941

Returnees:- Deeper, PricklyBush and Rigby.

Visitors:- Morals, Firecracker, Terry and Libby.

Special runs:-  Lubang – 454

                   Gargoyle – 299

                   Westy – 30

                   Cyclone – 200

Charges:-    Prince, Udder and E&B – telling porkies about the run

                   2Bottoms and Prickly – believed Udder that there were no hills

                   Morals – Udder cut his run short

                   Deeper – getting fat because of no hashing.

                   Horatio – looking like a mince tart.

                   Prince – missing IGT2s runs on his comment on her run.

                   Klingon – spilling his beer

                   Cheesecake, Addon, 4Packand Westy – propping up the wall.

                   Klingon – having a smokey car and ignoring Deeper along side him.

                   Gargoyle  – having a very long hat.

Lethal – thinking Klingons shirt was a different colour – Take your sunglasses off!

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