Run 1942 18th December Cyclone and Peanuts Docklands.

Lakeside Hash run 1942 Docklands.

Hares:-  Cyclone and Peanuts.

A very warm run in Docklands Park. Difficult parking – Catch the train

Run through the city, down to the Yarra.

A milestone run with no alcohol at the drink stop

Run report:- Udder – Liked the art works. No complaints in 49 degree heat. The crowds   parted. Score 1

Walk report:- Gargoyle Went through Crown score 40/42

Returnees:- Shaved Pussy.

Special runs:-  Gargoyle – 300

                       Cut Loose – 313

                       Swingers – 200  (belated)

Charges:-    Nickleby – might not have run, but did….legend.

                   Deeper and Prickly – short cut but did not admit it.

                   Addon – cleaning drain at onon,

                   Udder – not checking enough

                   Astro – running through Crown

                   Cyclone – big plastic at drink stop.

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