Run 1944 1st. January 4Pack Essendon, Royal Hotel.

Lakeside Hash run 1944 Essendon,  Royal Hotel

Hares:-  4Pack.

The “Happy New Year” Run

Special Occasion: Virgin Hare

Nice houses, 2 drink stops. One pub and  the Essendon footy club.

What arrows? – hare told us where to go.

Best and worst run of the year.

Returnees:- No Balls, E&B and Chicken Dicken.

Visitor:- Tiger Lily

Special runs:-  None.

Charges:-    Nickleby – Secret of being a front runner – Have no other runners.

                   Cooch – walking – tennis injury from Christmas run.

                   Bollywood and Tiger Lily – checking dating sites on their phones.

                   Udder and Gargoyle – off to Europe – tax haven?

                   No Balls and Let Me Look – contenders for next GM?

                   4Pack – visiting sacred Essendon ground.

                   LetMeLook and IME and Botok – not buying beer at drink stop.

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