Run 1945 8th January 2Bottoms Box Hill

Lakeside Hash run 1945 Box Hill

Hares:-  2Bottoms and Libido.

Returnees:- Shiny Dick, Pythagerarse, Swingers, 2Bottoms and Libido.

Visitor:- Moppy and her ‘virtual’ husband 3Licks(Saigon Sally).

                   On their honeymoon but he was called back to serve.

Run report:-  ShinyDick – left, right, straight, check etc

                             Well laid and good drink stop

                             Food better than trail      90/45

Walk report:- AddOn – GG had a map and they did half the trail.   17.5/19

Special runs:-         Lotsafun – 737

                             AddOn – 252

                             Pythagerarse – 11

Charges:-    Astro – SHAME! – sits down, asks CutLoose ‘where’s my beer’

                   Moppy – missed drink stop.

                   Nickleby – Its not ‘Mopsy’

                   Astro – lurking in goal square on footy ground.

                   DragOn – swimming in lake and chasing ducks

                   Kokup – playing with garage door – mind your heads!

                   3Licks – outshines all the runners.

                   4Pack – it’s not ‘3Legs’

                   2Bottoms – left Christmas gift behind.

                   2Bottoms, 3Licks, 4Pack – amazing hash can count.

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