Run 1998 – WSH3 – Doona’s 1000th Run @Ascot Vale Hotel

Run 1998 – WSH3’s Celebration of Doona’s 1000th Run

It was a dark and stormy night when Doona celebrated his 1000th run from the Ascot Vale Hotel.  He was the hare and the guest of honour and he assured us all at the briefing that he set a great run – despite the rain.  There were about 60 people gathered outside the pub to hear the briefing but not that many left the pub.  I took off without my coat, out over the railway line to a corner shopping centre.  At that point the rain was at a 45 degree angle and the shops offered only very little shelter.  I retreated, hoping I’d remember where I came from through the conversations I had been having with other hashers.  As I was about 200 metres from the pub I saw a group of walkers including Lethal round the corner.  They hadn’t made it either.  But then on entering the pub, we found that half the hashers never left it – including most of Western Suburbs!   Rambo and Shadow offered me a chip and that was it – just get another beer and enjoy their chips before the rest come in.

They all came in wet and dripping.  Klingon was drenched so he took off his shoes, only to leave wet footprints from his soaking socks whenever he went.  Food was dispersed to tables according to the food – not the person – if you know what I mean.  The pub staff just delivered all the parmas to two tables, the calamari to another two tables and the burgers to another two.  So we had to find our food and then most of us stayed where our food was which meant we weren’t necessarily sitting with our own club members.  We weren’t sitting at all – we were at stand up tables and socialising.

The Down Downs were very noisy.  Punch tried to make a charge but I was standing next to her and couldn’t hear a thing.  Landing Strip made a charge but nobody could even see her, let alone hear her.  All we heard were FRC from RPH3 and the boys from the newest hash in town – the big brothers from Prohibition H3.  Despite the noise, it was a bloody good night.  Well done Doona.  And well done WSH3.

Attending from LSH3 were GM E&B, Wild Rider, Kokup and Punch, Klingon and Drag On.

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