Run 1997 – MLH3 AGM @ Mitcham Hotel

Venue was the Mitcham Hotel.  The hare was Dinky. 

Dinky set a very hilly trail around the north of E&B’s home town.  Having grown up in this suburb, I had no idea there were so many hills.  The hare managed to keep the pack pretty well together up to the drink stop which consisted of a bowl of lollies and a table of plastic glasses filled with port and lemonade, and lots of catch up conversations.  Titilator and I eventually dragged ourselves away from there and I daudled in with Shingles and some of his mates.  On return to the pub, we were anxiously told that one of our Lakeside harriettes had turned up late and did we see her.  I guessed it was Wild Rider and that she would’ve gone for another circuit of the run!  

The food came out and Wild Rider finally joined us.  We had Kokup and Punch, Point Post, Tittilator, Wild Rider and me – E&B who made the effort to the ladies’ AGM.  It was a great fun night.  Tittilator received a down down as a returnee (she was a MLHer before a Lakesider way back last century); E&B was celebrated as a visiting GM; Shingles made a very poignant speech about his late, lovely wife – Jockette – and presented a new award in her name – the Funnybones Award.  The Has-Been GMs were paraded.  Then GM Dazzlin’ Demps announced the new GM as Landing Strip, who proceeded over the next half hour to introduce her new committee. 

A good night out, ladies.  As Gerbils once explained to me about MLH3:  it “Late and loud” – living up to their reputation.  Congratulations to Landing Strip.  Let’s hope it’s only one year this time.

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