Run 2002 – Whippet @Royal Avenue Tennis Centre

Run 2002 From the Royal Avenue Tennis Centre, Sandringham

Hare:  Whippett

Don’t be mistaken by believing that a run from a “tennis centre” might mean that it’s from INSIDE the tennis centre; OR that such an esteemed venue would have lights (any lights) in its car park. 

Not an easy place to find – you could drive down the street and miss it completely – or park on the street in front of number 29 and assume that the bushes next door were in fact hiding a bunch of tennis courts.  So one retreats to find the dark entrance, only to find an equally dark dirt road with apparently a few car parks on the right towards the apparent tennis club.  I wasn’t alone in thinking that …. It was bloody dark; and soon to discover that we were in the wrong dark carpark.  So we were all negotiating U-turns and backing out to go to the car park further on up the dark dirt road.  There were all the hashers – about 20 of us all up – gathered around a little lantern around a picnic table in running gear.  The book was there to sign and GG gaggled about when he last signed it while Whippett briefed us on the run.

We took off following his arrows while whinging about the dark, cold night – through the streets to Beach Road, over the road to the tea trees and above the beach – still in the dark, even darker – winding our way through the bush.  It was nice.  It was dark.  Pythagorarse and I crossed back over Beach Road and tried to second guess the marks.  We eventually got to the drink stop which was the hare’s house where we were either the first of the last to arrive.  Gerbils handed us both a nip of something nice and said we were last.  But where were the others?  Then I heard a SMASH in the driveway and it was Cheaper at Kroger and  Wet Pussy making off with the eskies!  Trying to pinch the hash eskies can only lead to one thing – trouble.  They were caught red handed trying to mop up the mess in the driveway.

OK – truth is that the hare felt sorry for all of us wimps and changed the end of the run to his house.  Everyone else had already run back to the dark carpark and collected their cars and were just starting to return when Pythag and I only just arrived!  Pythag obviously took his chance to escape from the GM and took off without me while I was trying to establish a crime scene at the eskie point of impact.  So then I walked back in the dark to the dark by my own dark self about 2km. 

Good circle though.  I had control of Gerbils’ and Whippett’s glass cupboard so everyone got a down down with compliments of LSH3.

Great to see Gerbils – ex-GM of LSH3.  Great to award the last of Cyclone’s Christmas coffee cups to Cheaper and Kroger, Wet Pussy, Wild Rider and Pythag.

Thanks for the run and the venue.

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