Run 2003 – Mummies Boy @Freshwater Place Square

Run #2003

Hare:  Mummies Boy

Venue:  Freshwater Place Square

We had 18 participants for Mummies Boy’s run from Freshwater Place SQUARE.  It took a bit to find the exact starting point but it was worth the find.  We were all curious about MB’s new abode.  But we didn’t get to see it.  We just saw the function room.  Very posh.  See the pics.  But it had no glasses or crockery – so we had to drink from our apple pie bowls – see the pics.

MB took us on a beautiful tour of Melbourne by night.  It was a chilly night.  The air was crisp and the sky was clear.  The lights of the city were joyous.  The bells of St Pauls were peeling and HoorayCO was in her element.  She has nominated this run as the Run of the Year.  MB took us through Southbank, under the Princes Bridge, under the ballarina’s tutu of the Arts Centre (see the pic), over the bridge to Fed Square; lost trail there for a while but were attracted to those peeling bells where we found trail that took us through the cloisters and out to Collins, through an arcade with a great little Indonesian warung still open; over to Bourke Street, through a lane to Little Bourke, down over Swanston, to Elizabeth where Chicken Dicken was actually waiting for me in case I ran alone in the city as a fair damsel (such a gentleman! – see the pic); then back through alleys, down Bond Street past the restaurant which was the venue of the Lakeside Christmas party in 2002; through Flinders Street Station to the boardwalk, over the river and eventually to Freshwater Place where Mummies Boy and HoorayCO were waiting for me. 

Addon took care of the BBQ – never been used before – but MB didn’t trust her and asked big mama (me) to supervise!  Hmmm… She was doing fine.  I dropped a burger inside the bbq and it’s probably still there.  MB produced minute steaks and snags and white sliced bread for everyone, followed by apple pie (see pic) and then the down downs. 

A great fun evening reuniting some not-so-often-of-late-seen – Swamp Rat, Swingers, Chicken Dicken, Mummies Boy, HoorayCO and RooDog.  One to be remembered.

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