Run No 1859: Quick Lay (appropriately) at the Temperance Hotel

fullsizeoutput_35f8For Cyclone who whinged about no snakes at the Elwood Run


Was the trail laid too quickly as the Runners missed it?? Walkers found the Drink Stop without drama.  Shu Shu and friend relaxing after all the hard work.

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Loyal citizen 4-PAC returns from Russia, Bulamakau rocks the Lakeside Singlet, Lethal smiles for the camera

Cheerful Punch returns, Game On (the next Lakeside generation) with Spread On, Swingers & Codpiece must have been thirsty


Prince is rather taken by Jack Off’s stylish Hash Shirt, Cooch’s legendary endurance entitles him to Ball Breaker clobber.

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A lotta drinks at the Temperance Hotel – it that an oxymoron or are hashers just moronic??

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As always the last word goes to……………..

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