Run No 1860: Bulumakau shows Lakeside a bit of style

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One thought on “Run No 1860: Bulumakau shows Lakeside a bit of style

  1. E&B

    What a great run – despite the lack of arrows but I guess he had a good excuse there with the rain washing out his run. I was with Kevin after the drink stop and we were a bit lost when an arrow led us to a corner with no other arrow to show us which direction to go. But…we were actually in front of the US CG – home. That’s the sign of a good run – when the pack doesn’t know where they are but they’re still on trail, and in this case, actually back at the start/finish. Great booze! Great FOOD! OMG it was like a diplomatic cocktail party except that we were allowed to talk to people we knew. We will miss Bulumaiku. Best wishes for the future with Capital Hash in Washington!

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