Run No 1887: Quick Lay at the Temperance Hotel

Run No 1887 was a joint run with Western Suburbs at Quick Lay’s local, the Temperance Hotel.  Pack of 35 Hashers enjoyed a canny Run that took in every carpark and graffitied alleyway in the area.  Circle got interrupted by the arrival of the Parma Specials.  Couldn’t hear a bloody thing so photos tell the story……

Congrats Spread On reaching 100 Runs with Lakeside.

Spread On protecting Game On from really scary yeti on her right.

Everyone’s looking for the Lakeside arrow. It’s not that one displayed.

Evidence of criminal behaviour

Visitor Anna smiles as she is charmed by Mother Brown.

Stray Pussy rocking those glasses. Perfect for capturing the massive pack.

Shu Shu…. small but perfectly formed though why ow why she brought a brolly is unfathomable?

Power-crazed by his GM ship, Astro tries to decapitate Western Suburbs GM Eat Me & former GM Hard Core.

He’s returned. Who? Boomerang of course.

Eat Me & Hard Core, far far from home, beg for a Melways.

TJ survived Google Maps & Melbourne traffic to almost make it on time.

Like lemmings to the shore, waves of Hashers went up, up up into the unknown.

Are they the same people trapped inside who were there when we did this run last time?

This Western Suburbs girl doesn’t even blink at the sight of bandits with guns.

nor does this one.

Nervous Lubang steps on the gas while West sings a happy tune to keep up her spirits.

Even the rubbish bins have attitude in this cool precinct.

It wasn’t a boaring run….

This sideways view is how E&B looked after fighting the gutter and losing. Her prostate was prostrate……..

now we remember why we’re here.

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