Run 1811 | 25 October 2017 | Prickly Bush@Kalmia Street, Frankston

HARE: Prickly Bush

VENUE: Home run, Frankston.

Once again, the forecast was gloomy with lots of rain for Wednesday and once again there was not a drop on the run. It was a great night for hashing and both the run and walk took full advantage of the tracks, lanes and reserves in the area.

The run was a later 7:00pm start and after the usual explanation of signs and symbols and a bit of mischief from the hare about getting dark, torches, we were off. The first check was only 100m away, but for some reason it took a long time to break.  The running pack set off with 10.5 runners and 1.5 walking the run.  Runners and walkers met along the run and all came in around the same time before dark.

On return, a fire was burning in the cast iron pot outside to counter any chill from the sea air and there was plenty of grog. As we have come to expect, there was a feast awaiting the pack with heaps of delicious food and more choices than you could poke a stick at. This was all followed by Drumstick ice creams for desert.  Circle was called and because we are an egalitarian bunch, the walk report was delivered first, stealing a bit of the thunder of the run report. Thanks to Klingon for doling out the down down’s.

WALK REPORT:  By Peanuts                     Scored 12.9/13

A strange thing happened, with a walker actually being able to read a map and as a result, the walkers followed the whole trail through parks, along roads, playing fields and through the Monash University campus. Along the way, they were accosted by a very tall, dark and very handsome stranger (I wonder who that could be?) who had a proposition that was accepted, adding a little spice to the walk.  Some walkers missed the D/S – was that a drinkstop or a ‘don’t stop’?  The trail was excellent, walkers caught the runners and everyone arrived back home at about the same time.

RUN REPORT: By Lubang Oz                   Scored 12.9/13, later amended to 12.8/13

It was a beautiful evening for running and the trail went through lots of little grassy lanes, an urban pine forest with multiple tracks, ovals, a supermarket car park, the cemetery with a hash halt right in the middle, the University campus, drains, an empty floodwater retention basin with an exit via the emergency spillway and the local streets. There were lots of checks and Lubang claimed he broke five in a row – an all time personal record.  It was an excellent run, well marked trail, found all the hills and very enjoyable.


RETURNEES – Pegmatite, Hooray C. O.

HARE: Prickly Bush.

Marathon Man: Whippet for running so hard in the Melbourne marathon, he was reduced to walking last week.

Sergeant Charges

  • Zero’s in run numbers: Swingers (110), Pegmatite (30), Prince (620) & Prickly Bush (190)
  • Double digits in run numbers: Astro (522), Whippet (288) & Lubang Oz (377).
  • Palindromic run number: Gargoyle (171)

Charges from the Floor:

  • Prickly Bush: Honorary man for setting the run by herself.
  • Peanuts: Honorary man because she can read a map.
  • GM: Was a charge on Peanuts and Lubang Oz for not mentioning the high quality food in their reports, but somehow it was twisted round to GM for not asking for a food report. Hash works in strange ways.
  • Udder Idjit: Trump lookalike for what is politically correct or incorrect wrt Harriettes.
  • Cut Loose: Whippet did not know the basis for her name, and then he met her brother. He cut skin from Whippets neck, shoulder, back, legs, arms etc
  • Cooch, Cut Loose, Cheesecake: Hash names start with a ‘C’.
  • Cut Loose: Started drinking too early.
  • Point Post: For not ever wearing his specially made LH3, 1000 run hash shirt.
  • Klingon: Dallying in the bush, because he could not find ‘it’.
  • Big Ears: Showering after the run.
  • Udder Idjit: Has not had a drink.
  • Swingers: Doesn’t know why ….. (must have been thirsty)

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