Run 1813 | 1st November 2017 | 2-Bottoms / Libido@Acacia Street, Box Hill

HARES: Libido & 2 Bottoms

VENUE: Home run, Box Hill.

Having attempted to scare a few hashers off with dire predictions of how cold it gets on the balcony, the hare had a change of heart and on arrival we were relegated to the dungeon. The view was a bit limited, but it was warm and there were no problems with disturbing the neighbours.

The hare did say the run was about 8.7km, but that was without checks and on backs and he sent an emissary to keep an eye on the pack, check there was no short cutting and report back. The front runners and unlucky runners managed to clock up almost 11km, but it was worth it, because we were treated to trail which took us through many parts of Box Hill and Blackburn that most of us did not know existed.  In particular the National Trust heritage listed Hill Street (and surrounding streets), described by the National Trust as “an oasis in the suburbia in which it is now engulfed.  These private streets have resisted the pressures of normal streetmaking requirements and retain a quiet, almost rural character unique in Melbourne.”  As usual the hare included many counter intuitive checks that took some time to break and plenty of on backs, allowing the slower runners to catch up and keeping the pack together until the end.

On return, we were greeted with garlic bread followed by plenty of tasty chile con carne and stollen to finish off. Some were eager for the circle to start, but a couple attempted to delay it, paying for their sins with a down down. Thanks to Point Post for doling out the down down’s.

Swinger’s mother said he thought that last week’s run by PB was the best run he had ever done, but Swingers denied it and claimed she had embellished the story. Regardless, even Prickly Bush thought that tonight’s run would be hard to beat.  Prickly Bush was given the opportunity to tell us about the run and score it accordingly.  After talking up the run, the score was carefully chosen, taking into account the walk score, so that the total would be no greater than last week, but methinks she may have stuffed up – and you will have to check last weeks trash to see why.

WALK REPORT:  By Shu Shu                     Scored 13/13

The walk took in many nice houses, big and beautiful gardens, the golf course and many nice views. The trail was well marked and no-one got lost.  It was not too long and all of the walkers enjoyed it.

RUN REPORT: By Prickly Bush                 Scored 12.8/13

This was a very good run through leafy areas with lots of trees and somehow it managed to avoid passing any shops. It went down and across Canterbury Road, winding back onto the Gardiners Creek trail and eventually up into the Blackburn Creeklands Reserve area.  There were so many twists and turns, no-one had a clue where we were or where we were going.  There were more checks than legitimate Senators in the Australian Parliament, lots of gravel tracks, creeks, golf course, sports fields and parks.  The trail passed by PB’s grandmother’s old house, but now it’s 10 townhouses.  There were lots of beautiful houses and gardens, particularly the roses, but it was a long run and the runners will be feeling it tomorrow.


GG & Cheesecake: Attempting to delay the circle.

First Timers: Steph and Karen.

RETURNEES – Libido and 2 Bottoms.

HARE: Libido and 2 Bottoms.

Sergeant Charges

  • Palindromic run numbers: Swingers (111), Prickly Bush (191), & Kokup (333).
  • Double digits in run numbers: Lube Oil (288), Cheesecake (622) & Prince (622).

Charges from the Floor:

  • 2 Bottoms: Favouritism in setting trail.  There was a Prince Street, but no Cheesecake Street.
  • Swingers: Volvo charge.  Left his lights on.
  • Prince: Numerical dyslexia.  Thought there were only two LH3 hashers at the WH3 halloween and quadruple milestone run last night, but there were eight. (Boner had a LH3 milestone of 200 runs).
  • Point Post: Only one check marked.
  • Steph: Too young and too quick for the rest of the pack.
  • Lubang Oz: Self imposed low profile (Must have run out of beer).
  • Prince: Held New Zealand citizenship when GM of LH3 & all decisions made are now void.
  • Gargoyle: Stand in for Udder Idjit who held English citizenship when GM & ditto.
  • Shu Shu: Stand in for Codpiece who held Italian citizenship when GM & ditto.
  • Lubang Oz: Stand in for NickelB who held Tasmanian citizenship when GM & ditto.
  • Point Post: Was not GM, but he’s one of them.
  • Cheesecake: E&B lookalike for breaking her collar bone.
  • Kokup: At a check, pointed out the difference in age of checkers.  Prince was 50m out, Prickly Bush was 70m out and Steph was 150m out (checking downhill was a minor advantage).
  • Swingers: Rebound.  Prickly Bush did NOT look ag Google maps on the run.  Shame for suggesting it!
  • Prickly Bush and Steph: Obsessive – compulsive colour co-ordination with matching running shoes and tops
  • Steph:  Winx impersonator.  The pack only saw the back of her and from a long way back.

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